You may need a Pro Right Now!

My Pocket-Pros® –  Its’ Customer Easy – early access and – it’s Free

When you need the answer RIGHT NOW, search for a Pro with the mPP App.  Ask your question and search for the ONLINE PRO that will connect with you on demand. mPP  is a powerful ios mobile platform.  We are not messing around.  We are CUSTOMERS too.  We have questions on a daily basis that need answers. We know that you do too. We also know you have a million things to do each day and waiting for a Pro to return your call is not one of them. Pros are online and standing by to answer your question. You can review a Pro’s Profile to find out more helpful information. Want to build a team to share information?  Do that within the mPP APP too.  All questions and answers are within the app, so no worries about sharing your email or phone number. We got you covered, and we are excited to help you get the answers you are looking for.

MyPocket–Pros® is designed to make it easy for customers to connect with Pros!

MyPocket-Pros® it’s Customer Easy™

MyPocket-Pros® makes it easy to get your questions answered on demand by Pros of your choice. Look through the directory of Pros, review their business profile and select who you want to ask your question. Pros are on-line (in the pocket) waiting to respond to your questions. You don’t have to waste time listening to their answering machine and leaving a voice message asking them to return your call. Free tools in the app help you to quickly chat & organize your conversations.

No charge for a customer to connect with any Pro.

How it Works:

  • Download MyPocket-Pros® APP at the app store to sign up. It’s free.
  • Fill out the required info to join the App.
  • Type in your question.
  • View the Pro Business Description in the mPP  Directory. It will show you who is on line or in-pocket and ready to answer your question.
  • Send your question to the Pro you have selected and wait for the on-demand response. It is simple as that!  My Pocket-Pros® does not share any information about you to a Pro. Should you want to share your email, phone number we have made it easy for you to do that from within the App.
  • You can connect / ask questions of as many Pros as you like.  mPP  places no limits on your inquiries.

We are in the business of NOW! ™