We created mPP for Pros by Pros. This is a new platform that places the Pros first and on center stage. Our experience is that Pros (experts) are underserved and under-appreciated. You didn’t become a Pro overnight. Your knowledge, and skills and time are valuable. Your resources are sometimes lean. How quickly you can engage with your potential customer may be the thin line between getting the work or not getting the work. You told us the bid/lead system used today is unsatisfactory. We heard you loud and clear. mPP is designed for PROS to engage directly with your clients and customers (potential and existing). Sometimes a simple question can lead to a lasting customer relationship.  

MyPocket-Pros® is seeking Pros to participate in the introduction of the service. Pros joining during the introductory period will receive 6 months of free service.

MyPocket–Pros® designed by Pros for Pros! 


  • MyPocket-Pros® makes it easy to acquire customers when you want them.

  • Only customers interested & ready for your services will contact you! You don’t have to chase them! 

  • You let customers know you are available to connect and ready for business!

  • Free tools in the app help you to quickly chat & organize your conversations with customers & teammates.

  • There are times when one Pro needs the help of another Pro. MyPocket-Pros® makes it easy for you to contact another mPP Pro as a customer or a Pro all from within the mPP app.

  • Low flat fee of $19.99/mo. regardless of how many customers connect with you.

How it works.

  • Go to the App Store and  download the MyPocket-Pros® App. 

  • The app will prompt you to provide the necessary information.

  • Set up your professional profile so you get the types of customers and jobs you want.

  • When you are ready for new customers’, just toggle the app button to go live & show you’re available.

  • Customers see your profile and can connect with you directly to ask a question or schedule their job. 

  • When a customer asks you a question, you will receive a notification on your phone and the mPP notification sound will be heard on your phone.

  • You respond to the question and all the information is all captured in the app.

  • Once you have filled our your Pro Profile and shown your are available – customers can contact you directly with their questions.

Download the mPP App and become a Pro and begin to experience how MyPocket-Pros® is in the Business of NOW™