My Pocket-Pros Inc. Press Release

Dateline:  Cincinnati OH  2/1//2021

My Pocket-Pros Inc. announces the launch of a revolutionary iOS ON DEMAAND platform that connects Customers with questions in real time, to Professional knowledge experts, the Pros, who have answers.  My Pocket-Pros solves the age-old problem of needing an immediate answer to a question or problem and not getting one. 

MyPocket-Pros is a high-tech innovative iOS interface that eliminates the lag time in getting answers to questions in the Professional’s wheelhouse.  No longer must a Customer who has an urgent question based upon their specific need’s wait for an answer on the professional’s own timing. No longer do you have to wait to and listen through those endless questions from robots to have your call directed to a knowledgeable party and leave a message to have them call you back whenever it meets their schedule and not yours. My Pocket-Pros are standing by on the Customer’s schedule with on demandanswers.  

Telephone, email and fax are “so yesterday.” Those of you with smart devices live in a connected world that allows you the Customer, to communicate instantly with a Professional / Pro. My Pocket Pros provides both Customers and service Pros the ability to quickly and seamlessly connect and communicate to any project team they wish to establish.  Sharing plans, ideas, pictures and documents among project team could not be easier.

On demand services, such as My Pocket-Pros, changes the landscape and the nature of how Professionals and Customers interact with each other.  Whether you are standing in a store deliberating on a purchase decision and need advice from a professional or in your car heading to that all-important meeting, you are only a click away from getting an answer in real time and on demand.

My Pocket-Pros is innovative and allows you in contact with professionals that value your time as much as you do!  

My Pocket-Pros Service is simple to initiate, and you can quickly get your questions answered. No longer do you have to wonder if what you are being told by a salesperson is what you need.  Text your Pocket – Pro and get the unbiased straight info.  Whatever your question, Pocket- Pros is committed to providing instant access to a knowledgeable Pro to help you with your need.

My Pocket Pro’s Workspaces / Project Spaces offers Customers and Pros the ability to quickly and effectively discuss, and share information quickly and collaborate about key projects.  

The list of My Pocket-Pros Service Providers is expanding rapidly as customer’s needs are being identified and instantly met.  My Pocket Pros Knowledge Experts cover broad range Medical and Health Pros, Educational Pros, Home Pros, …………  The list of experts will be growing.

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